Experience. Creative promotions. Great training programs. And a love of marketing print, digital sales and growing readership and revenues for our newspaper media clients is what puts Barden Circulation on top.
Barden Circulation, Inc. was co-founded by Ron and Jim Barden, two brothers who have been engaged in newspaper subscription sales for a combined 40+ years.

Ron Barden, who serves as President of Barden Circulation, started his career in newspaper circulation marketing in 1988, managing a door-to-door sales crew for The Hearst Corporation’s San Antonio Light newspaper. He expanded to newspaper kiosk sales in the late 1990s.

Jim Barden, former regional director of Texas & VP of sales for BCI, first introduced his brother Ron Barden to the newspaper Industry. It was late 1988 in San Antonio, running the door-to-door sales team for Jim's company - JB Circulation. It was during this era of 2-paper cities that merged into 1-newspaper towns that separated the two brothers onto different paths only to later meet back up at BCI in 2005. Jim now has moved into another industry and is doing very well. Jim was instrumental in the early days helping BCI expand from a Texas Company into a National company.

Mike Buhs a former regional director of Texas started in 2002 as a Sales Rep in San Antonio and moved all the way up to National Sales Director then VP of sales by 2009. In these roles Mike also helped grow BCI into several expansion cities during his tenure working directly with Ron Barden. Mike still resides in San Antonio and has traveled all over the country. He now oversees the Corpus Christi Caller Times market for BCI.

Scott Russell grew the East coast region to the #1 region from one of the bottom position regions he took over. Scott's leadership, excellent communication style, and role in developing new leaders continues to set a strong standard today. Scott now serves as the regional director for the East & Texas regions.

Shawn Swinehart started his career with BCI in 2007 coming from a background inside a newspaper running door-to-door sales operations in Ohio. Shawn soon was promoted to regional director over Ohio newspapers in Cleveland and Columbus for BCI. His direct door-to-door experience in newspapers and his meat industry business prepared him for more with BCI. Shawn’s Mid-west region was a #1 region for several years and catapulted his career into his current role as National Sales Director for BCI in 2016. Shawn works directly with Ron Barden and oversees sales and expansion accounts.

Barden Circulation is a growing organization with annual subscriptions approaching 200,000 for over 20 newspapers across the country. Barden Circulation is the only outside subscription sales and marketing partner for most of these newspapers. Through talented leadership and professionalism, BCI developed innovative kiosk/event and door-to-door programs and has become the nation's industry leader in new customer acquisitions.

We Are Your Full-Service Media Marketing Partner

Your goals are our goals, and we can put together a comprehensive sales program and execute that program with trained newspaper sales professionals. Our contacts with retailers at the corporate level, experience and creativity in developing compelling offers, ability to take credit cards and EZPay, and to input subscriber information directly into a newspaper’s database at the point of sale make our services the best in the business.

We feel privileged to sell newspapers, a product that serves an important role in communities, and we take seriously our responsibility as the face of the newspapers we represent.

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